It has everything in the very name itself. It is a simple but tasty and enticing snack that goes well with tea or coffee. In preparing this crunchy snack simple ingredients like gram flour dough that is made into small portions like noodles. And an assortment of items like dry fruits and nuts, rice and corn flakes add the extra zing.

Beetroot Pachadi

A colorful, delectable, healthy side dish you can enjoy with rice. Beetroot and spices blend well to give you this beautiful dish.

Boiled beetroot is mashed and grained. Into it goes spices like cumin seeds, mustard seeds, green chilies and curry leaves. Coconut and curds further enhance the thickness of gravy and its color and taste.

Cheeda & Achappam

Two rice powder based tea time snacks from Kerala.

Cheeda is a small and crunchy snack. Besides rice powder grated coconut, sesame seeds, sugar, and coconut oil go into the preparation. All the ingredients together a batter is made and rolled by hand to give its unique shape. It is fried and dipped in sugar syrup.

Achappam is another simple snack made with similar batter. However, coconut milk and eggs are added additionally making it more tasty. A special mold is used to oil-fry it and then dip in sugar syrup later.

Expo 2020 Dubai- UAE

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Some flavour just lingers…🍲😋

Blend of some spices are just a must to add the perfect texture to dishes. Mix together chili, turmeric, pepper powders, ginger, garlic, shallot, salt, curry leaves, lime, special spices…
When the fish or meat is cooked with authentic spices the taste just doesn’t disappear from the mouth 🍖🥩

Fish Fry

A good fish well prepared is a treat to relish. Frying fish is such an unassuming task that produces mouthwatering result. Having got the fish neatly cleaned and sliced, keep it marinated in a mixture of spices. I would throw in turmeric powder, chili powder, black pepper powder, cumin powder, a bit of curry masala powder, salt and curry leaves. A few drops of lime and coconut /olive oil add more zing to the flavor. Leave it to absorb the flavors for an hour or so.

And the time is up to drop the pieces into the boiled coconut/olive oil to fry. Once fried enough, keep it for a while to drain off the excess oil. Garnish the dish with sliced onions & lime and coriander leaves. Ready to be served.

Unniyappam – A sweet snack

Some snacks are so special and full of nostalgia. ‘Unniyappam ‘ is one such simple snack from kerala. Made of rice, jaggery, banana and spices and deep fried in oil, it is a sweet and fully vegan snack. You will just relish it with your evening tea or coffee.

It can be made without much ado.

A perfect blend of all ingredients mixed together as batter does the trick for you. The thick batter goes into the boiling oil until it becomes golden brown sweet fritters to enjoy.

Ginger curry

A spicy yet sweet variety of curry. Can you imagine the taste ripples each pinch makes in your mouth? The mesmerizing aroma, and multiple flavors of ginger, jaggery and curry leaves make it so special and different. The dish is a simple and tasty preparation commonly available in South Indian households.

Easily available ingredients make it even more favorable.




Curry leaves


Green chilies

Chili powder

Fenugreek powder



Dry red chilies

Coconut oil


Banana fry

A tasty and filling snack. Easy to cook makes it a delightful choice any time you want to have a quick snack.

Finding the right banana variety to fry is a task though. Not all types can be fried. The Kerala variety plantain is the best bet. Keep ready the flour well mixed with sugar, baking powder, salt and water. The ripened banana is sliced and dipped in the readied maida or gram flour before dipping in the boiled oil.

With a cup of coffee or tea, you are going to savor the hot n crispy banana fry.

Samosa – A tasty snack

Thinking of an evening snack that is tasty and filling?

Samosa is a very popular snack item in India. filled with vegetables or meat in attractively layered flour, and deep fried, it is a delectable item. With a variety of sauces to add taste, you can enjoy it with your tea or coffee.

The fillings can be potato or beetroot or any meat according to your preference.