Merry Christmas

New Year is around the corner. What’s your plan?

The joy of celebrating Christmas with loved ones, being together with family, spending relaxed time with friends add together the spirit of Christmas season.

Everyone can have his or her favorite memories or pleasant styles of Christmas. It is when such memories and moments are translated into day to day life that such occasions become meaningful and magical.


celebrating UAE Golden Jubilee & the Dubai Fitness Challenge is an opportunity for those in UAE to participate in various fitness events held across the country.

26th November witnessed Dubai Run with millions of participants from all over.

Many more events are scheduled.

Floating Football, Padel Court Rapido Tournaments, Basketball Challenges, Night Cycling, Oakley Skating, Drifting are to follow.

ICC Men’s T20 World Cup – UAE

Hours to go before the coin is flipped by the captains of two of the finalists of T20 Men’s world Cup that’s been going on in UAE since 23rd October.

Among the 12 teams involved, after the super12 rounds and semifinals, Australia and New Zealand have secured final berths.

Amazing evening await all the cricket lovers in UAE. Especially for those who support these countries from Oceania.

the Sharjah International Book Fair 2021

Couple of days to go before curtain comes down on the Sharjah International Book Fair 2021.

An enriching experience that cannot be missed. Even if you are not a fan of reading or books, it is totally amazing to be among the books in the fair. The highlights of the fair are:

 Over 1500 local and international publishers.

 Over 1.5 million books on display and sale.

 Books in more than 200 languages.

 Publishers from around 80 countries.

 Hundreds of daily activities.

 Presence of renowned authors.

The event started on 3rd November and will end on 13th. Do make the best of the opportunity.

Expo 2020Dubai

The mega event of the recent times is here. Despite the restriction imposed by the pandemic UAE has been successful in hosting Expo 2020. The major event attracting millions from across the glob commenced on 1st October and will continue to enthrall the visitors till 31st March 2022.

Expo 2020 is a universal platform for the bright minds, for the brightly talented, for the highly skilled to showcase what they have got to the world.

The theme of the Expo 2020 is ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’ and it is subdivided three subthemes.

The Opportunity Pavilion.

The Mobility Pavilion.

The Sustainability Pavilion.

Over 200 participants from around the world expose their unique and futuristic ideas. The carnival is a one-stop-spot to immerse yourself in the best of every field, every stream, every genre, every flavor.

Theyyam -The Enigmatic Ritual

Meaning God, Theyyam is God’s dance rich with piety, rituals, and folklores. Believed to have been originated more than 1500 years ago, it is rooted in ancient Dravidian culture. Native to the northern parts of Kerala, Theyyam is still a predominant practice of piety in those regions. Theyyam is a religiously ritual art and simultaneously a Godly dance form. Men (mostly) from specific cast groups of the region assume the form of God and become Theyyam. The tradition is handed down from generations after generations in those families. Even from a very young age grooming begins to be a Theyyam.

For an outsider it is difficult to comprehend the meaning and depth of Theyyam. Yet, the trance of Theyyam astounds you to the core. What a normal spectator perceives as a colorful art form, a believer embraces as tangible God in trance. One such anciently mythical and divinely flamboyant religious ritual form is Theyyam.

Onam Festival

A 10-days festival of colors, flowers and happiness! Onam is the principal festival of the people of Kerala, a state in South India. Onam is the harvesting festival of Kerala. It is also the commemoration of the home coming of mythical demon King Mahabali who is believed to have ruled Kerala. The ten days of festivity is celebrated with several games, cultural activities, flower carpets, special foods and gifts. Irrespective of the religion or background, everyone celebrates Onam in Kerala.

Today is the first day of Onam Festival

Ad sense

Advertisements are all around us today and have been for a long time; advertising-free “good old days” just don’t exist. Advertising as the word suggests is needed to popularize and sell your product and to leave a lasting impression on the minds of the general public. It aims to persuade viewers/readers to buy something for the first time or to switch brands. Ultimately, of course, commercial advertising aims to win sales, but some advertisements seek to inspire and motivate and at times to get across messages of harmony, peace, sharing and such. On the other hand, repetitive ads for familiar products often aim to short-circuit the conscious consideration of purchase decisions. They try to stimulate the consumer to pick up the soft drink or the toothpaste or the detergent as you moves down the shopping aisles. There is an automatic impulsion
instilled in you to work in their favor. Whether it is good or bad, you have to decide after you have used the product.

Irrespective of the quality and worth of a product, what we remember maybe the great ads some companies have produced.

We have grown up watching, purchasing and loving product ads such as Nirma, Liril, Amul, Dairy Milk, Vodafone, Mirinda,, Camlin, Idea 3G, Airtel. The most popular ad that is doing rounds like crazy maybe the latest Airtel Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota hai ad.

all that glitters is gold

It is not just fuel that’s hitting the news for the wrong reasons; there is the yellow metal that’s quietly making inroads in our pockets big time. Besides, increased consumption of gold in India and China following downgrading of US´ credit rating is the other reason behind rise in gold prices,”. The yellow metal has become dearer by Rs 3,000 per tola in the domestic market in a week´s span. Continuous surge in gold prices,
meanwhile, has caused daily transaction of gold to drop by more than 25 percent.

Look at the way the price has shot up since jan 1st

1st Jan,2009
13662, 13670, 13664

31st Dec,2009
16657, 16652, 16683, 16665

31st Aug,2010
18939, 18955, 18946, 18951, 18949, 18950, 18927, 18934, 18942, 18994, 19089, 19080, 19097, 19126, 19133
31st Dec,2010
20769, 20720, 20698, 20683, 20689, 20687, 20685, 20665, 20688

30th Jun,2011
22149, 22140, 22173, 22142, 22090, 22078, 22087, 22068, 22100, 22071

21st Aug,2011

People are planning their wedding purchases in advance because they feel that prices may go to 30,000 (rupees). they are using that to buy,” said Sunil Kashyap, head of Asia, Scotia Mocatta. Gold prices have gained more than 25 percent so far in the year to peak at 27,989 rupees per 10
grams on Saturday, continuing its rising trend for eight years in a row.

shoker once again

Just when everyone thought all is well and the sound of terror will be heard no more, Mumbai blasts have jolted the nation. Sending shock waves across the cities, the blasts happened at places one least expected to happen. Crowded Zaveri Bazar, Opera House and Dadar Kabootarkhana were the hotspots this time killing 10 and injuring at least 100 people. The Mumbai crowd once again came to a stand still at a time when people were on their way back to home after work. The incident would have been fatal had it been a while when the school kids were on roads after the school.

These blasts once again bring memories of terror and infiltration and the need to act in a manner that befits the safety and security of common people of this country. They have once again successfully proved that they can just do it anywhere and anytime they want. If it is that city today, tomorrow it can be ours.