Movie: Midnight

Year: 2021

Language: Korean

Duration: 1h 40m

A suspense thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Lives of three women are fatally poised when a bloody serial killer unleash his wrath one night. The police and the brother of one of the victims are in the crime scene. And yet the twists and turns of the events, keep the plot pulsating.

Movie: Black Crab

Language: Swedish
Year: 2022
Duration: 1h 53m

Caroline Edh and an expert team alongside her are culled to go on a mission. During a war torn world, the team is instructed deliver a parcel across an icy stretch between Tessenöy to Ödö on ice skates. And that will end the war they are told. Unlike others in her team, Caroline has a personal reason to reach Ödö and she is willing to take up suicide mission.

Movie: Luzzu

Language: Maltase
Year: 2021
Duration: 1h 31m

Jesmark is a fisherman in the coastline of Malta and his wife is Denise. When they learn from the doctor that their new born baby requires specialist doctor’s attention and medication, Jesmark is forced to make harsh decisions. He also has his Luzzu – the small wooden fishing boat – to be mended to fish. Financial burdens, wife being away from him, restricts at fishing, ill treatment by fish sellers and a sinking Luzzu…he has problems aplenty to change his life style.The movie gives a sneak peak at the lifestyle of Maltase fishermen and coastline therein. 

Movie: Stillwater

Year: 2021

Duration: 2h 19m

Language: English & French

No bullets flying, no crazy car chases, no superhuman or gravity defying efforts.

You would rather see a poor and vulnerable Oklahoma dad, going “yes mam” “no sir” most often. Well, Bill’s daughter, Allison, an independent young lady who wasn’t attached to her dad, is in prison in Marseille. She is imprisoned for the murder of one of her classmates. Bill flies to France, to visit her at the prison and wants to help her out when he realizes she is innocent. All of a sudden, he has Virginie and her little daughter, Maya helping him, even accommodating him at their place. He stays back at Marseille to be near his daughter. He slowly picks French and many other values too.

A long movie this is yet not boring at all.

Movie: Blood Red Sky

Year: 2021

Duration: 2h

Language: English & German

A plane is landed in RAF base, Scotland. Apparently the plane is hijacked and the armed forces are pressed into action. Elias, a young boy is released from the plane who recalls the ordeal from the time of his arrival at the airport in Germany enroute New York. His mother Nadja is suffering from a mysterious illness hence visiting a doctor in the US. What unfolds inside the flight once it s taken off is inexplicable turning the sky blood red!

Movie: Happy Cleaners

Year: 2019

Duration: 1h 37m
Language: Korean, English
Story of a small family of migrants settled in the US. Although all four in the family are working hard, their financial trouble never seems to ease. Happy Cleaners dry cleaning business run by the parents is hardly promising. But Mr. Choi is has experience only dry cleaning and is old. The elder daughter Hyunny is a nurse and does her best to support the family. The younger sibling, Kevin however is still figuring out his life goals. Their mother has too much of expectations from them both. They bad times. But they support and stick together as well. Life of a typical lower middle class family portrayed well.

Movie: 18 regali (18 presents)

Year: 2020
Duration: 1h 55m
Language: Italian
Genre: Family Drama
A sentimentally touching story well told. And it is inspired by a true story of a woman who was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
Elisa’s life is filled with beautiful and busy moments with her boyfriend. Soon however, a disheartening news strikes the couple.
Elisa is already pregnant when she discovers she has terminal cancer. Hence she decides to leave 18 presents for her daughter Anna before she dies. Every year she gets one present. Anna grows up to be a stubborn girl who never understands her mother’s love and sacrifice.
The rebellious teenager becomes uncontrollable by her father. The storyline takes a diverted route after a minor accident to her. She meets her mother and gets to know her.
By the time she turns 18, she accepts and appreciates her mother’s love for her.

Movie: Дневной Дозор (Day Watch)

Year: 2006

Duration: 2h 26m

Language: Russian

Genre: Action, Fantasy

Interested in shades of fantasy and myths? You are going to enjoy this one if you are yet to watch this 2006 thriller. It is part of a trilogy. In the tussle between light and darkness, Anton belonging to forces of Light has to take a balanced stand. His son, Yegor is with the dark force. Anton seeks and finds the Chalk of Fate that can help him be reunited with his son. The conflicting path is not without struggle.

His relationship with his trainee Svetlana is amusing and becomes thought-provokingly interesting at the end.

Movie: Verónica

Year: 2017

Duration: 1h 45m

Language: Spanish

Genre: horror

The story revolves around fifteen years old Veronica. On an eclipse day, she and her friends decide to use the Ouija board escaping from class. Her life is never the same again. Ever since that incident she is no more the same person. Paranormal occurrences disturb the flow of her life. Needing peace, she requests her friends to conduct the Ouija board session again but they will not dare to do it again. In a desperate attempt she conducts the session with her siblings. The movie is said to be based on true events.

Movie: Spoor

Year: 2017

Duration: 2h 9m

Language: Polish

Genre: Crime, suspense, thriller

A chilly story of Janina Duszejko who loves animals and some others who love to hunt and kill animals. Janina Duszejko is a part time teacher and loves nature and animals passionately. When she discovers hunting is regular in her vicinity, she reports the same to the police. At the same time, hunters are mysteriously being hunted and killed. The trail left by the killer is spoor! An animal act?