Movie: Black Crab

Language: Swedish
Year: 2022
Duration: 1h 53m

Caroline Edh and an expert team alongside her are culled to go on a mission. During a war torn world, the team is instructed deliver a parcel across an icy stretch between Tessenöy to Ödö on ice skates. And that will end the war they are told. Unlike others in her team, Caroline has a personal reason to reach Ödö and she is willing to take up suicide mission.

Cheeda & Achappam

Two rice powder based tea time snacks from Kerala.

Cheeda is a small and crunchy snack. Besides rice powder grated coconut, sesame seeds, sugar, and coconut oil go into the preparation. All the ingredients together a batter is made and rolled by hand to give its unique shape. It is fried and dipped in sugar syrup.

Achappam is another simple snack made with similar batter. However, coconut milk and eggs are added additionally making it more tasty. A special mold is used to oil-fry it and then dip in sugar syrup later.