Movie: Luzzu

Language: Maltase
Year: 2021
Duration: 1h 31m

Jesmark is a fisherman in the coastline of Malta and his wife is Denise. When they learn from the doctor that their new born baby requires specialist doctor’s attention and medication, Jesmark is forced to make harsh decisions. He also has his Luzzu – the small wooden fishing boat – to be mended to fish. Financial burdens, wife being away from him, restricts at fishing, ill treatment by fish sellers and a sinking Luzzu…he has problems aplenty to change his life style.The movie gives a sneak peak at the lifestyle of Maltase fishermen and coastline therein. 

Expo 2020 Dubai- UAE

Not in the distant past or near future, could anyone witness an event so magnificent as Expo 2020. And it is coming to an in less than two weeks. For the last 6 months, event has been attracting millions. The largest event has been a venue to welcome and treat representatives from around 200 countries.

Since the days are now numbered, do not miss Expo 2020. It is magnificent, magical, moving, and massive.

The world Expo is planned to take place in Japan in 2025. That’s going to be a long wait. Magic is now happening in Dubai. Do visit.

Movie: Kokon

Year- 2020; Duration- 1h 34m; Language- German

Romantic, emotional, and dramatic

Nora, a 14 years old, and is different from her sister, Jule or her friends. Although she hangs out with them all the time, she is discovering herself in a different way. While playing a game her palm is fractured and that becomes a turning point to discover what she wouldn’t otherwise. A friend’s help when she goes through her periods triggers a bond between them. The movie also subtly discusses topics like gender, sex, pregnancy…

Nora is fluttering out of her cocoon.