The Ain Dubai in UAE

The twinkle and sparkle of Dubai never fades. One after another, the metro city produces magical attractions to amaze the visitors and locals alike. The towering observation wheel, Ain Dubai is the latest additions to the record braking list of the ‘biggest and largest and tallest’ in the city.

At 250 metres, Ain Dubai is the world’s largest and tallest observation wheel. Giving a 360-degree view of Dubai from the premium cabins of the Wheel. There are 48 such cabins that can carry 1,750 visitors at a go.

Obviously another memorable reason to celebrate your visit to Dubai.

Movie: Security

Year: 2021
Duration: 1h 55m
Language: Italian
Investigation thriller drama.
Roberto Santini is responsible for the security cams installed in the town. He has a small family. Each character in the movie is intriguingly connected and has specific life styles. A young lady’s plea for help captured in one of the security cams triggers the story. And once she accuses a high profile man in the society, the police has a case in hand.