Minnal Murali

Year: 2021, duration: 2h 36m, Language: Malayalam

Fresh themes and ideas when presented well are always accepted by the audience. With so much hype, the move Minnal Murali has hit the online platform. And yes, it is a fresh lease of life to the monotonous drama. An ordinary person who is looked down on in the society turns out to be a superhero after being hit by a lightening. The fantasy drama is fun to watch. With superhuman powers, he is out there defeat the evil. With no surprise he soon creates enemies in the neighborhood and he is a man with a mission.

Happy watching. Happy New Year.

Merry Christmas

New Year is around the corner. What’s your plan?

The joy of celebrating Christmas with loved ones, being together with family, spending relaxed time with friends add together the spirit of Christmas season.

Everyone can have his or her favorite memories or pleasant styles of Christmas. It is when such memories and moments are translated into day to day life that such occasions become meaningful and magical.