Samosa – A tasty snack

Thinking of an evening snack that is tasty and filling?

Samosa is a very popular snack item in India. filled with vegetables or meat in attractively layered flour, and deep fried, it is a delectable item. With a variety of sauces to add taste, you can enjoy it with your tea or coffee.

The fillings can be potato or beetroot or any meat according to your preference.

Visit the city of Mysore

Mysore (now Mysuru) is a beautiful and peaceful city in the state of Karnataka, India. Known as the cultural capital of the state, the city is well known for Mysore Silk, Mysore Masala Dosa, Mysore Pak Sweet and Mysore Beetle Leaves. Its transport service is appreciated by those who have visited the city. Pleasant climate, lush green surroundings and plenty to sight-see around makes it a worth visiting place. Mysore Palace, Zoo, Chamundi Hills, Brindavan Gardens, St. Philomena Church and Jaganmohan Palace are a few in the list.

Onam Festival

A 10-days festival of colors, flowers and happiness! Onam is the principal festival of the people of Kerala, a state in South India. Onam is the harvesting festival of Kerala. It is also the commemoration of the home coming of mythical demon King Mahabali who is believed to have ruled Kerala. The ten days of festivity is celebrated with several games, cultural activities, flower carpets, special foods and gifts. Irrespective of the religion or background, everyone celebrates Onam in Kerala.

Today is the first day of Onam Festival

Movie: Matar a Dios

Year: 2017

Duration: 1h 32m

Language: French

Country: Spain

An eerie opening scene where a family is killed in a road accident immediately after it being foretold by a man.

The story then unfolds in a family where the man irritatingly accuses his wife for spending a night with her boss. They are joined by the man’s father and brother for a family get-together. A while later, they realize they have an uninvited guest who claims to be God. The dwarf man, AKN God tells them human race will be wiped out the next morning. Interestingly the dwarf tells them they could choose two names who would live after the apocalypse.

A thought-provokingly humorous movie.

Enjoy the Season of dates

Fresh dates, not the dry ones I mean, taste so scrumptious and honey dipped. Unlike the dry taste, it is so juicy and would tempt one to go for more and more. Well, for that you need to be a place where there are date palms. Being a Gulf country during summer offers the option of enjoying several varieties of dates.

The healthy, tasty fruit is a delight to enjoy.

Picnic spot – Bhoothathankettu

Dams and waterbodies are spectacular locations for a one-day picnic. Bhoothathankettu dam is one such beautiful tourist spot located in Kerala, India. The naturally charming location offers activities like trekking, boating, fishing and sightseeing. Since the place is not very far from Cochin International Airport, access to dam and surrounding area is pretty easy. Certainly, a worth visiting place for families. Even for those who wish to spend a quiet evening.

Movie: The Hows of us

Year: 2018
Duration: 1h 57m
Language: Filipino
Country: Philippines

Primo and George have committed to live a long and happy married life. Despite the completely different attitudes and characteristics of the both, they live under one roof. However, one after another, they need to mend too many issues before they can happily live. Or so they think. Dreams of a happy life together soon are shattered, and they decide to break up.
The beautifully narrated story is so engaging and inspiring.


Mango season

One of the tastiest, healthiest, and prettiest fruits you can enjoy during summer is mango. With over a hundred variety, the king of fruits, as it is called is a delight to savor. Once ripened it is enjoyed just by biting it away or by making juice, shake or smoothie or in multiple other ways depending on where you are. It is abundantly available in tropical region during summer.

Badami-pic courtesy by Sudheesh (1)

Umm Al Quwain in UAE

The Emirate is a comparatively less popular and less populous one unlike other Emirates in the country. However, the Emirate is known to attract quite a few tourists in winter. One of the striking images that captures you while traveling on UAQ-RAK Emirates Road is the abandoned aircraft by the side of the road. The aircraft, Ilyushin IL 76, from Russia landed in 1999 at the then airfield (it’s been closed now). The dusk turns the area to be a good spot for photography.

Movie: It is only the end of the world

Year: 2016

Duration: 1h 39m

Language: French

Country: France

Tick-tock. Time is running out for terminally ill writer Louis who returns home after a long gap of 12 years. With good intentions, all that he wants is to spend a few hours at his home, with his family before his death. The family consists of his mother, younger sister, brother and his sister in law whom he hadn’t seen until then. The family conversations soon turn tense. Awkward and pleasant moments intertwine even as Louis struggles in vain to inform the real purpose of his visit.