Movie: Capernaum

Duration: 126 minutes
Country: Lebanon
Language: Lebanese, Arabic, Amharic
A soul-gripping and thought-provoking Lebanese movie that leaves several questions stabbing against your heart. Narrated and acted out superbly by the crew, the drama film won several accolades and critical appreciation. From the poverty-stricken slums of Beirut, Zain, a 12-year-old boy, with several siblings, turns out to be a criminal forced by the situations. Later, he goes on to sue his parents for the predicament he is in.

In the final scene, Zain is asked to smile for a photo which would become his ID.  


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Tapioca Specials

Tapioca is a staple food and regularly consumed by people of Kerala like in many other places. Being a tropical plant, it is widely available in almost all over Kerala.  A major advantage of the crop is that it can withstand drought-prone conditions and hardly requires much attention. The duration of the crop is about seven to eight months and a single plant can yield up to 4-6 kgs of root depending on the soil. Hassle free cooking makes it an easy-to-serve item at dining table.

Boiled, fried, mashed or curried, you can enjoy tapioca in several ways.

India- Dubai Travel updates 

Travel guidelines or passengers intending to travel to UAE


  • ·        Valid only for those with UAE Resident visa
  • ·         Not for wayward/connecting flights
  • ·         Residents with Dubai issued visa should take approval from GDRFA
  • ·         Pax from other emirates can travel with approval from ICA
  • ·         CKIN remark must be updated on PNR and a printout to be carried along.
  • ·        RT-PCR certificate issued within 96 hrs prior to traveling date from authorized labs is mandatory.
  • ·         Health declaration form and quarantine undertaking form duly filled should be handed over.
  • ·         Install both COVID 19 DXB smart app and Arogya Setu app.

It is better to avoid all unnecessary trips.