So what happened to them?

Posted: September 9, 2011 in games, sports

Once again all eyes are on IPL, the much hayed about cricket’s extravaganza that hauls in riches and churns out new talents from across the cricket playing nations. However, unlike its first edition, the latter versions never lived up to the opening gala and showed signs of ebbing year after year for one reason or another.

 The Team India that tours England after having won the World cup and sitting pretty on world No 1 test ranking has been thrashed 4-0 in test series thus losing out the ranking and are now one down in the ODI. One thing that has gone consistently for the team is injury for the key players. A closer look will tell you all of these guys had figured in the last edition of IPL and played all the matches or were injured out!

One wonders if there had been any series prior to this one that had witnessed as many injuries as this one. It is a team that has always complained about busy cricket schedule; look at what they are doing to the national pride playing in such leagues.

  1. Bikram says:

    Its not jsut IPL but lot of other things involved..
    Too much money … Injuries happen because they are not prepared the majority of the players who are injured were the ones who did NOT tour west indies … When they were home they should have been practising and not sitting on there laurals …

    We are just trying ot make excuses for them now .. They are not answerable is the reason .. No wonder BCCI doesnot want to come under the Sports bill ..

    Sad Sad situation …

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