Riot at Birmingham

Three consecutive defeats, one worse than the other. The statists below show the performance of the World No 1 Test side that boasts of the likes
of Sachin and Raul.

England v India at Birmingham – Aug 10-13,  2011, England won by an innings and 242 runs

Northants v Indians at Northampton – Aug 5-6,  2011, Match drawn (Northants won on 1st innings)

England v India at Nottingham – Jul 29-Aug 1,  2011, England won by 319 runs

England v India at Lord’s – Jul 21-25, 2011, England won by 196 runs

The third humiliating defeat, that stripped them off their  No 1 status that they held dearly for nearly 2 years, have rang alarm bells and  raise a few questions. The media, old players and the billion people, everyone  is up against the Team India. Like in every tour, they started poorly, except  that they couldn’t bounce back and stay positive nor could they prove their  supremacy at any stage. The saving grace being two back to back hundreds by  Dravid and a scintillating performance by Pravin Kumar throughout the series.

Despite the shoddy performance so far, and amongst the litany  of criticism, one wonders if all is lost for this team. The thrashing they  received from the English side is the result of poor home work done before  facing such a good team that dethroned the Kangaroos from the No 1 spot. They just  did it again against a team that came half prepared, half fit, half slept!

Guys wake up, all is not lost.

One thought on “Riot at Birmingham

  1. well All is lost .. No question about it .. it will take at least 12 to 18 months to gain back the number one status that is if we do get it again ..

    Lets not take it away from the English , they played good cricket they did not as kindia to come unprepared or anything .. They used the conditions to there advantage .. its our fault to have come here unprepared , unfit and flying in glory
    and now the next match I am sure everyone is going ot do well .. cause it wud not matter we never seem to do well when it matters …


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