Madhya Pradesh calling

Posted: August 2, 2011 in Travel & tourism

Madhya Pradesh is a state steeped in history. As you visit the tourist places in Madhya Pradesh, you may feel like leafing through the pages of Indian history. Age-old past unfolds before you offering you enchanting glimpses to the chapters of glory and richness.

In fact tourist attractions in Madhya Pradesh offers an enchanting mix of historical palaces and forts, exquisite architecture on temples and rare wild lives, which you can’t chose but love and return only to come back.

Bhopal: The capital city of the state boasts of an archaeological wealth. Old palaces and mosques and the teeming bazaars promises sheer romance. It would also remind you of one of the world’s worst industrial disaster.

Khajuraho: The place is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Madhya Pradesh, where religion is married to eroticism. Erotic fantasies are sculpted in stone in the temples facades. The sculptures keep changing their hues with the pace of sun in a day.
Gwalior: A glorious chapter of Indian history comes alive in the rugged forts and palaces of Gwalior. The city is witness to many decisive battles, blood and death.

Orchha: Once the capital of the Bundellas, the city houses the famed Orchha Fort, which is an architectural wonder.

Bandhavgarh: Perched in the heart of the Vindhya Mountain Range in Central India, Bandhavgarh National Park boasts of the highest population of tigers in India. One can do elephant safari here.

Kanha: Kanha Tiger Reserve was made famous by Rudyard Kipling. Being one of the finest and best-administered National Parks in Asia, it is an irresistible attraction to the true wild life enthusiasts.

  1. Bikram says:

    Good description. I have been to bhopal for ssb interview. We did go about to a few places .
    I would love to go to kahna reserve have heard a lot about it…

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