Kovalam calling

Kovalam… and do you need further explanation-      This     bewitching destination in God’s Own Country has been beckoning travellers from far and wide for decades. A splendid beach location, Kovalam caters to all kinds of travellers. Kovalam is one destination that can satisfy your instinct for adventure and your need to unwind. This palm-fringed beach is unique in that it is composed of three adjacent crescent shaped beaches – the Eve’s Beach, the Samudra beach and the Lighthouse beach. The image that we bring you this month is that of an aerial view of the Lighthouse beach, in all its splendour. The Lighthouse Beach gets its name from the Vizhinjam lighthouse located nearby.

Kovalam, meaning “a groove of coconut trees,” is just 10 km from the state capital of Kerala- Thiruvananthapuram. Kovalam is actually a combination of three small beaches. Among these, the southernmost beach, named Lighthouse Beach, is the most frequented beach in Kovalam. Earlier this beach of Kovalam was an anglers’ paradise. It still has some small villages, just a few kilometres away, which belong to the fishing community. Gradually, this beach of Kovalam has been transformed to a tourist spot of great interest. Kovalam is an ideal place for a sunbath during the winter.

Padmanabhapuram Palace, Kaudiar Palace, Anchuthengu Fort, Koyikkal Palace, Napier Museum, Kuthiramalika Palace Museum are few attractions apart from natural treat you get at Kovalam.

Languages: English, Malayalam and Tamil
Best time to go:  November to February

all that glitters is gold

It is not just fuel that’s hitting the news for the wrong reasons; there is the yellow metal that’s quietly making inroads in our pockets big time. Besides, increased consumption of gold in India and China following downgrading of US´ credit rating is the other reason behind rise in gold prices,”. The yellow metal has become dearer by Rs 3,000 per tola in the domestic market in a week´s span. Continuous surge in gold prices,
meanwhile, has caused daily transaction of gold to drop by more than 25 percent.

Look at the way the price has shot up since jan 1st

1st Jan,2009
13662, 13670, 13664

31st Dec,2009
16657, 16652, 16683, 16665

31st Aug,2010
18939, 18955, 18946, 18951, 18949, 18950, 18927, 18934, 18942, 18994, 19089, 19080, 19097, 19126, 19133
31st Dec,2010
20769, 20720, 20698, 20683, 20689, 20687, 20685, 20665, 20688

30th Jun,2011
22149, 22140, 22173, 22142, 22090, 22078, 22087, 22068, 22100, 22071

21st Aug,2011

People are planning their wedding purchases in advance because they feel that prices may go to 30,000 (rupees). they are using that to buy,” said Sunil Kashyap, head of Asia, Scotia Mocatta. Gold prices have gained more than 25 percent so far in the year to peak at 27,989 rupees per 10
grams on Saturday, continuing its rising trend for eight years in a row.

Riot at Birmingham

Three consecutive defeats, one worse than the other. The statists below show the performance of the World No 1 Test side that boasts of the likes
of Sachin and Raul.

England v India at Birmingham – Aug 10-13,  2011, England won by an innings and 242 runs

Northants v Indians at Northampton – Aug 5-6,  2011, Match drawn (Northants won on 1st innings)

England v India at Nottingham – Jul 29-Aug 1,  2011, England won by 319 runs

England v India at Lord’s – Jul 21-25, 2011, England won by 196 runs

The third humiliating defeat, that stripped them off their  No 1 status that they held dearly for nearly 2 years, have rang alarm bells and  raise a few questions. The media, old players and the billion people, everyone  is up against the Team India. Like in every tour, they started poorly, except  that they couldn’t bounce back and stay positive nor could they prove their  supremacy at any stage. The saving grace being two back to back hundreds by  Dravid and a scintillating performance by Pravin Kumar throughout the series.

Despite the shoddy performance so far, and amongst the litany  of criticism, one wonders if all is lost for this team. The thrashing they  received from the English side is the result of poor home work done before  facing such a good team that dethroned the Kangaroos from the No 1 spot. They just  did it again against a team that came half prepared, half fit, half slept!

Guys wake up, all is not lost.

Madhya Pradesh calling

Madhya Pradesh is a state steeped in history. As you visit the tourist places in Madhya Pradesh, you may feel like leafing through the pages of Indian history. Age-old past unfolds before you offering you enchanting glimpses to the chapters of glory and richness.

In fact tourist attractions in Madhya Pradesh offers an enchanting mix of historical palaces and forts, exquisite architecture on temples and rare wild lives, which you can’t chose but love and return only to come back.

Bhopal: The capital city of the state boasts of an archaeological wealth. Old palaces and mosques and the teeming bazaars promises sheer romance. It would also remind you of one of the world’s worst industrial disaster.

Khajuraho: The place is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Madhya Pradesh, where religion is married to eroticism. Erotic fantasies are sculpted in stone in the temples facades. The sculptures keep changing their hues with the pace of sun in a day.
Gwalior: A glorious chapter of Indian history comes alive in the rugged forts and palaces of Gwalior. The city is witness to many decisive battles, blood and death.

Orchha: Once the capital of the Bundellas, the city houses the famed Orchha Fort, which is an architectural wonder.

Bandhavgarh: Perched in the heart of the Vindhya Mountain Range in Central India, Bandhavgarh National Park boasts of the highest population of tigers in India. One can do elephant safari here.

Kanha: Kanha Tiger Reserve was made famous by Rudyard Kipling. Being one of the finest and best-administered National Parks in Asia, it is an irresistible attraction to the true wild life enthusiasts.