Just a few months back the killer pesticide Endosulfan wasn’t even in the news. We had hardly heard such a word. Of course, how could we, if we aren’t the makers or users or last but not least the affected. People, especially the poor farmers have been falling prey to the ill effects of this deadly substance for years together. No questions asked, no picketing, no fasting, no hartal, no news, the dead were buried and the alive lived half dead life.

This time, it’s the LDF calling for a Kerala bandh to protest against the Centre’s stand on the killer pesticide. The protest coincided with the last day of the current round of meeting of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants in Geneva, where the question of global ban on endosulfan has figured prominently.

Be it a political tactic or a superficial trick to call for vote or to show the opposing government in bad light, whatever maybe the reason, as for this, if the end is good, all is good. Banning this pesticide would mean life and hope to generations to come.

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