Law with the lawless

Year after year, monsoon after monsoon, news papers and internet sites have published contents informing, educating and warning the people of the impending and potential danger in the food sold at road sides and pull of carts. They come in variety of colors and sumptuous tastes and at affordable rates. No wonder if we find people of all walks flocking to these vendors despite knowing the risks involved in the food they order.

You go to any part of this country and you will find vendors selling stuff by the roadsides and market corners. Each region has its delicacies and some special items at the offing. Pani puri, samosa, bajji, vada pav, aloo tikki and the list can be deliciously long. A good number of people make a living out of such lucrative business. The news of people falling ill is much less compared to children falling sick eating food served in their schools or people getting poisoned after drinking alcohol.

However, things have taken a different turn all of a sudden after  a young girl caught on camera a ‘pani puri’ vendor urinating into the pot used to serve the snacks. The video clip has unleashed fury among MNS men. as if they are the only ones who eat from these outlets. The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) activists went on a rampage today and attacked over 50-60 ‘Paani Puri’ vendors across Mumbai, Thane and Pune.

One wonders if these hapless vendors were as harsh and crude as these MNS men who went on a rampage. How can and who are they to take law in their hands? By destroying the livelihood of several poor men, they haven’t gained anything or proved anything.

One thought on “Law with the lawless

  1. maybe these pani puri selling men were not maharashtrians … otherwise they wuld not have had this happen to them

    said when there are so many problems taking place day in and day out and these so called societies or group of people ignore them and one silly incident by one person and all this is done …

    You are right
    but this is all politics look we are all talking about MNS you wrote a post , I am reading and commenting this is what they want ot be in news 🙂


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