Just a few months back the killer pesticide Endosulfan wasn’t even in the news. We had hardly heard such a word. Of course, how could we, if we aren’t the makers or users or last but not least the affected. People, especially the poor farmers have been falling prey to the ill effects of this deadly substance for years together. No questions asked, no picketing, no fasting, no hartal, no news, the dead were buried and the alive lived half dead life.

This time, it’s the LDF calling for a Kerala bandh to protest against the Centre’s stand on the killer pesticide. The protest coincided with the last day of the current round of meeting of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants in Geneva, where the question of global ban on endosulfan has figured prominently.

Be it a political tactic or a superficial trick to call for vote or to show the opposing government in bad light, whatever maybe the reason, as for this, if the end is good, all is good. Banning this pesticide would mean life and hope to generations to come.

Time for IPL

Unlike last 3 seasons, IPL 4 is inching close to an exciting finish. There almost is no team that rules the list nor is there any team that hasn’t failed. However, as there can be some teams lead the table and others fall behind. The new borns, Cochi and Pune have done well and proved that they can fit in well too. With the schedule almost half done, the teams leading the table are Mumbai, rajstan and kolkatta. Obviously, the big leap is made by the led by Gambir.

In individual performances, interestingly and not very surprisingly, the run machine sachin leads the table as of now followed by an upcoming star Paul Valathy. In the bowling department, slinger malinga has been outstanding followed by legendry Warne.

Law with the lawless

Year after year, monsoon after monsoon, news papers and internet sites have published contents informing, educating and warning the people of the impending and potential danger in the food sold at road sides and pull of carts. They come in variety of colors and sumptuous tastes and at affordable rates. No wonder if we find people of all walks flocking to these vendors despite knowing the risks involved in the food they order.

You go to any part of this country and you will find vendors selling stuff by the roadsides and market corners. Each region has its delicacies and some special items at the offing. Pani puri, samosa, bajji, vada pav, aloo tikki and the list can be deliciously long. A good number of people make a living out of such lucrative business. The news of people falling ill is much less compared to children falling sick eating food served in their schools or people getting poisoned after drinking alcohol.

However, things have taken a different turn all of a sudden after  a young girl caught on camera a ‘pani puri’ vendor urinating into the pot used to serve the snacks. The video clip has unleashed fury among MNS men. as if they are the only ones who eat from these outlets. The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) activists went on a rampage today and attacked over 50-60 ‘Paani Puri’ vendors across Mumbai, Thane and Pune.

One wonders if these hapless vendors were as harsh and crude as these MNS men who went on a rampage. How can and who are they to take law in their hands? By destroying the livelihood of several poor men, they haven’t gained anything or proved anything.

India on a high

Dhoni and his men in blue have etched their names in gold in the annals of achievements. Unlike the last time when India lifted the cup under Kapil, 2011 World Cup is a very special one because cricket has become a great passion among almost everyone in the country. With telly being a common commodity at every household unlike in 1983 when it was a luxury, people are not stopped in anyway from being glued to television screen and watch the country defeat the Island nation.

India became the first nation to win a World Cup final on home soil. Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni scored an unbeaten 91 in the final and was adjudged the man of the match. India’s Yuvraj Singh was declared the man of the tournament. The biggest upset of the torunament was the defeat of England by Ireland. Ireland’s Kevin O’Brien scored a century in just 50 balls (and a total of 113 off 63 balls), the fastest World Cup century, while Ireland made the highest successful run chase in World Cup history beating Sri Lanka’s 313 against Zimbabwe at New Plymouth in New Zealand in 1992.

Dhoni is now India’s most successful captain in limited-overs cricket, having won both the World Twenty20 and the World Cup, and when asked to explain his success, he laughed. “I’m lucky. I always get good players. The players have responded to me even if it’s a Test side, where there were senior players who were part of the side before I started playing for India. Then, the youngsters coming in have contributed a lot, they have been willing to give more than 100%.” He said it was “the character of the individuals [in the team] that helped us win this trophy.”

India’s win came inside the refurbished Wankhede Stadium, where the stands are now built on a vertical climb and the capacity has been reduced to 33,000. M.S.Dhoni was declared Player of the Match for his brilliant unbeaten inning of 91 runs from just 79 balls. Yuvraj Singh was declared Player of the Tournament for his all-round effort with bat and ball. He has taken 15 wickets in the tournament and scored 362 runs with an average of 90.50. BCCI also awarded each of the 15 players Rupees 1 Crore and 50 lakhs to each supporting staff and 25 lakhs to each of the Indian selectors.