Sanjay Gandhi National Park

The Mumbai that is seen and mostly visited by the people is a commercial capital of India with posh and tall flats, luxury cars and of courses the slums and its millionaires. But this romantic city is famous for many other reasons too. one such reason is Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP), previously Borivali National Park. it is a large protected area in the northern part of suburban Mumbai city in Maharashtra State in India.

It encompasses an area of 104 km2 (40 sq mi) and is surrounded on three sides by India’s most populous city. It is notable as one of the few national parks existing within a metropolis limit in Asia and is one of the most visited parks in the world. It also enjoys the distinction of being the largest urban park in the world.

The rich flora and fauna of Sanjay Gandhi National Park attracts more than 2 million visitors every year. The Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Borivali is the lung of Mumbai city, a patch of green in a sea of infrastructure. It is home to lions, tigers, leopards, deer, monkeys, snakes and many exotic birds. Both the Vihar and Powai lakes also lie within its borders.You can visit the park and avail of a safari-type excursion through it in a minibus all through the week except on Mondays. Entry charges to the park are as reasonable as it gets — Rs 30 per adult, Rs 15 per child.The ride-through takes place between 9:30 am and 5:30 pm every day; there is a bus every 20 minutes and it gives you a 20-minute ride.

All things considered, a trip to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park is a win-win deal — the chance to see wildcats without straying from city limits and at such reasonable prices is well worth your while. And if you don’t want to go on a ride, you can just visit the park — it’s open all seven days of the week.

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