Cup Carnival

Another world cup on the Indian subcontinent. With the warm-up matches being played from the 12th the mega event will begin to enthrall the fans across the world. However, the first ODI in the quadrennial extravaganza, starting February 19 will be what everyone eyeing on. Since, many a matches are played on Indian soil, everyone takes it for granted that India is a keen contender, and why not with the likes of Sachin and the rest, the batting lineup is quite formidable and can destroy any bowling attack. Nevertheless, they have continually shown that they are notorious for batting collapse. If they can patch this lapse, India can kiss the coveted cup.

But, no one can rule out the chances of a Sri Lankan or Pakistan reaching the final. Both teams possess guys who can single handedly maneuver the team to victory. Given the fact that the condition isn’t strange for them, they can be a real threat to any team.

The likes of South Africa or Kangaroos or Kiwis taking the upper hand over the home countries isn’t a distant possibility though they are playing away from their home conditions and the humid and ground support will play spoil sport for them. But they are real professionals and can win matches in any situation.

As of now, any team can pull out a surprise. The rest, wait and watch.

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