Another Blast

The blast at Palakkad killing more than a dozen people showcase the shoddy state affairs prevailing in our country. The unit, located in an open space close to Shornur-Palakkad railway track, has been functioning without license for the last two years. The man at the helm has been running hither and thither to get the license renewed. However the authorities at the respective area seem to have had some foresight and discretion. Nevertheless, those who suppose to see that such units don’t function failed to put their act together and as a consequence many had to pay with their lives.

It is not the first tragedy of the sort. Irresponsible and cold action from the authorities and reckless craze from individuals has caused poor people to fall in the pit of these death units. Unless there is a common and stringent law that makes sure no such units function, lives of poor people will continue to be cheap.

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