Ganpati Bappa Morya

It s that time of the year those who love Mumbai love to be there. Of course the metro always has one reason or another to attract crowd to its bosom. But it is the season of devotion; a time to welcome Lord Ganesh, the elephant-headed God amid pomp and gaiety to their homes.

Idols of all shapes and sizes of Lord Ganesh are seen almost everywhere and feel of “Ganpati Bappa Morya” is felt every nook and corner of the city. Of course the piety to this God is not patented by mumbaikers alone. but they seem to have a spiritually special reason to celebrate it. Though Ganesh Chaturthi, marking the birth of popular Hindu God, is celebrated all over India, its festivities are most elaborate in Maharashtra and parts of Western India.

The festival will end on Anant Chaturdashi (September 22) when Ganesh idols will be immersed with fanfare in water bodies. the vociferous procession chanting mantras, singing songs and dancing in celebration is an occasion that you don’t like to miss.

Approximately 6000 idols of Ganesha are commissioned for Ganesha Chaturthi in Mumbai alone. That speaks volumes about the devotion and the ardor with which the people celebrate this event. However, the aftermath of this extreme devotion is heart rendering at the immersion sites in the days to follow. It is a disgrace to the city, pollution of environment and more seriously it is sacrilegious to see the bits and pieces of the very ‘God’ you just immersed. Despite debates year after year, the practice doesn’t seem slow down a bit. One wonders what the Gods might be thinking about all these

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