an ad can change your life!

The best form – or it appears so – to reaching the mass with a new product is to advertise it using the modern means of communication. All most every one of us is a victim and is influenced one way or other by an ad or two.  They entice us to fall prey to it. Of course, outwardly we all protest and criticize and say how bad it is to run after every item advertized. But it would be apt to check around in our shelves and cupboards before we speak up again.

On TV, radio, internet, print media, sms, placards … ad agencies have practically utilized every sphere to catch the public attention when they launch a new item. How genuine it is is a thing to debate on. But, how eye catchy is these ads are what matters ultimately. It is almost impossible to spend a day without having to stumble upon an ad on something. Whether a product is good or bad is pronounced by the people. What may be good for you, need not be good for me. It can even cause harm to me. Eventually, it is our diligence that will save our day. At the same, spare no chance to appreciate and enjoy the good and creative ads.

4 thoughts on “an ad can change your life!

  1. Generally I love the ads with the kids.. they will be so cute.. 🙂

    But these days I am not watching TV much and there by not watching ads too..

    But there are many cute and brilliant ads in the youtube..


  2. The market competition has benefited the consumers and as you said,the increasing number of ads,that too creative and interesting ones are really interesting..


    1. True, if you got to sell your stuff you have to catch the attention of people …the one who does it in the most appealing way wins the day…
      thanks for coming around.. 🙂


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