Rise of painters

Have a look around and you can see almost everywhere colorful, life size, real-looking flex ads and banners and posters. This modern art doesn’t involve as much arduous effort and expense as its time-consuming, less appealing predecessors did was a huge plus point in making it a hit everywhere. It is sporty and handy, and comes in different sizes and shapes, almost as you visualized. Cloth banners and paper posters had almost died a slow death at the advent of their modern, trendy, and vivacious cousin, flex banner.  The artists and painters, who earned their daily bread through this craft, had to look for other openings as they were less in demand in the market.

But, not all is lost. At least, that seems to be the case in Kerala. Campaign materials made of paper and cloth are in high demand now with the State Election Commission imposing a ban on the use of plastic-made banners, posters and flyers. The commission has made it clear that the local body elections should be plastic-free. If the ban imposed stays, it is again golden era for the few painting workers who persisted in their profession.

One’s gain is another’s loss. People making a living by printing and producing flex boards have come out against the State Election Commission (SEC) directive. They have belly that feels hunger too! The district unit of the Flex Printing Owners Association of Kerala, in a statement here, has demanded that the Election Commission review the ban. “Contrary to popular belief, flex is not made of plastic. The basic material used in flex is cloth and calcium powder. PVC is used minimally to give it an outer coating for shining,” said M. Kunhayin, the association’s secretary. Mr. Kunhayin said that flex was not harmful to the environment and was reusable and biodegradable. He said more than one lakh people in the State were dependent on the flex industry. A ban on the use of flex would adversely affect the 750-odd flex units in the State, he said.

 However, one shouldn’t forget that the ban is imposed only to prevent the use of plastic and such harmful material in the campaign; to make the election plastic-free. Which means this phase is not going to stay forever and they could do their business for any other ads and purposes. In the case of traditional painters, it will be a time to regain their lost popularity and some bucks too!  

Common wealth of problems

I got an sms a few days back which read:

Teacher: what does your dad do?

Student: my dad is a stripper in a bar.

After the class, the teacher called the student aside and asked if what he said about his father was true. To which the student replied, my dad actually works with suresh kalmadi in the organizing committee of common wealth games, but I was too embarrassed to admit it!

It maybe a witty message sprang up in someone’s head, but the meaning implied is not as funny as it sounds and the message being conveyed through this short note is only a tip of a gigantic iceberg buried in disguise.

The list of embarrassments piling up on the organizers of commonwealth games, which kicks off on October 3, is not merely a thing to be ashamed of for a few heads in the  planning committee but the entire country is bearing the brunt of criticism and derision.

Canada, New Zealand and Australia said they remained committed to sending teams. How long they will continue to be resolute on their decision will have to be seen.

Hiccups and hurdles have been close companions from the day one of the arrangements. As if the corruption malfunction and utter confusion prevailing in the commonwealth villa, the fury of nature only seems to add more woes to the nation. For the organizers the games already started and the hurdles they have to cross are multifaceted.  High profile performers from other countries pulling off sighting security lapse and fear for diseases, protests raised by overseas players over the grungy facilities are sure signs of bloats on Indian pride!

With less than two weeks to go, the work to be done is immense! Looks like, this year’s commonwealth games preparations is heading for an eleventh hour scramble and conclusion.

My day has been pretty ordinary. Just like that another day seems to pass me by. The cool and gentle breeze caressing me and grumble of thunder in the far horizon only heralds one thing: a late night thundershower. So be it.

Ganpati Bappa Morya

It s that time of the year those who love Mumbai love to be there. Of course the metro always has one reason or another to attract crowd to its bosom. But it is the season of devotion; a time to welcome Lord Ganesh, the elephant-headed God amid pomp and gaiety to their homes.

Idols of all shapes and sizes of Lord Ganesh are seen almost everywhere and feel of “Ganpati Bappa Morya” is felt every nook and corner of the city. Of course the piety to this God is not patented by mumbaikers alone. but they seem to have a spiritually special reason to celebrate it. Though Ganesh Chaturthi, marking the birth of popular Hindu God, is celebrated all over India, its festivities are most elaborate in Maharashtra and parts of Western India.

The festival will end on Anant Chaturdashi (September 22) when Ganesh idols will be immersed with fanfare in water bodies. the vociferous procession chanting mantras, singing songs and dancing in celebration is an occasion that you don’t like to miss.

Approximately 6000 idols of Ganesha are commissioned for Ganesha Chaturthi in Mumbai alone. That speaks volumes about the devotion and the ardor with which the people celebrate this event. However, the aftermath of this extreme devotion is heart rendering at the immersion sites in the days to follow. It is a disgrace to the city, pollution of environment and more seriously it is sacrilegious to see the bits and pieces of the very ‘God’ you just immersed. Despite debates year after year, the practice doesn’t seem slow down a bit. One wonders what the Gods might be thinking about all these

from sports world

 That’s been sloppy. By the time I shed of f the lethargy and took guard to have a look around, I have lost a lot of action. Champions league twenty20 kicked off in a colorful fashion on 10 of this month. Power-packed Mumbai Indians learnt a thing or two from the first match when they lost to the underdogs Highveld Lions. Despite captain Tendulkar’s heroics, the determined Lions had the luck going in their favor in the tournament opener.

In the second match the charging Wayamba Elevens couldn’t stop warriors to pull off a victory in their home turf.

The third game was important from the Indian point of view as it featured  The Chennai Super Kings, one of the big name teams in CLT20 2010, also the title holders of IPL. True to their distinction and class, they took the centre stage of the match against Central Stags.

At Leeds, Pakistan is trying to ward off all the ignominy and ill fate they have had ever since they landed in English soil. Their batting was polished and determined and scored a decent total. At the moment, England are 27 for no loss chasing 294.

On the other side, in the world of tennis, straight from US open, my fav Roger Federer has made a rare early exit in the semi. In the final, Djokovic would face Nadal who has cemented his spot as always. In women’s world, Belgium’s Kim Clijsters won her second straight US Open women’s title on Saturday after crushing seventh-seeded Russian Vera Zvonareva.

‘Mourn the dead’

Mourn the dead

As far as possible we refrain from attending funerals. Some of us can hardly stand the sorrowful sight. It is really heart rendering to look on a group of people crying over the lifeless body of their deceased one. Of course, we all well understand what they are going through for the simple reason that we too have gone through these grief-stricken time once or even more in our life. Up until the lifeless body is rested in its final resting place, we see several sorrowful faces eyes welling up with tears. As the days pass the intensity is reduced, memories fade, frequency of visiting the tomb lessened – if cremated, smiles return and normalcy regained. Depending on your belief system you have different ways and days of mourning the dead, Islam gives such opportunity on the 3rd, 7th, 11th and 40th day, for christens it happens on the 7th and 40th day, while the Hindu beliefs call for these practices on the 7th, 9th, 10th and 11th days. The practices vary from religion to religion and these days don’t indicate that the ceremonies or prayers are reserved only for these particular days.

With all the due respect to the dead and not wanting to hurt the sentiments of any, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to give a thought to the way we ‘mourn the dead’. Are we really mourning the dead on these days? Even as I type this up, a Shamiyana is being built to ‘mourn the dead’ right across my home. Tomorrow is the 40th day after the demise of our neighbor. Number of people gathering is slowly swelling up so that they can arrange the home and surroundings and more importantly begin to prepare the food to be served tomorrow. For a new comer to this area, this home in question would give the impression that there is a marriage or feast tomorrow. I wonder if this is the same happening in all such ceremonies. The disposition of the people on such occasions evidently proves that mourning dead need not always mean to be sitting around with a gloomy face. And why should one if we believe in the life after death or life in spiritual world?

an ad can change your life!

The best form – or it appears so – to reaching the mass with a new product is to advertise it using the modern means of communication. All most every one of us is a victim and is influenced one way or other by an ad or two.  They entice us to fall prey to it. Of course, outwardly we all protest and criticize and say how bad it is to run after every item advertized. But it would be apt to check around in our shelves and cupboards before we speak up again.

On TV, radio, internet, print media, sms, placards … ad agencies have practically utilized every sphere to catch the public attention when they launch a new item. How genuine it is is a thing to debate on. But, how eye catchy is these ads are what matters ultimately. It is almost impossible to spend a day without having to stumble upon an ad on something. Whether a product is good or bad is pronounced by the people. What may be good for you, need not be good for me. It can even cause harm to me. Eventually, it is our diligence that will save our day. At the same, spare no chance to appreciate and enjoy the good and creative ads.