Broad way!

Twenty20 viewers will not easily forget the match on Wednesday, September 19, 2007. This match would always be remembered for the gallant display unleashed by Indian southpaw Yuvraj. It is a dream come true for any batsman to hit six sixes in a raw. The one who is at the receiving end is always looked at with pity.  It is the ultimate ignominy any bowler can suffer and would never wanted to be  remembered for.  Stuart broad would have made a point then and there to turn the very people who are jeering at him to give him a standing ovation. And that he did with aplomb and style. The only difference being it was his willow not the cricket ball that did the magic.

Anyone who waited to see, including his mates in the dressing room and Trott at the crease, wouldn’t have imaged what broad plans Broad had on mind when he walked up to face a fiery Pak pacers. The English team had been shattered and more than half of their batsmen returned to the safety of dressing room. At 102/7, there was virtually nothing to hope for other than to think when they would be folded up.

Sooner than later salman Butt and co realized, the battle was not over. Even as he rotated his bowlers and tried different field set, Butt knew nothing would seem to affect the gritty Trot-Broad pair. The thin crowd that gathered to see the sparks of tail-enders in a rain marred test had a superb feast for their eyes. The record braking partnership not only gave the English side a healthy total but showed glimpse of victory. Broad would be a relieved and delighted soul at the end of the match irrespective of the result of the match which is already blemished by match-fixing allegations.

As for Broad he has made his point in broad ways.